Trinity International Concert Choir


We welcome new singers!

Our regular rehearsals are from 19.30 to 21.30 every Thursday evening at Trinity Lutheran Church, Nibelungenallee 54, 60318 Frankfurt am Main.

Rehearsals begin with a warm-up and somewhere in the middle of each evening we take about a 15-minute break to socialize and rest our voices a bit.

In keeping with our American roots and our international orientation our chosen rehearsal language is English. However, desperate times can call for desperate measures so if you are not confident you have understood a musical instruction, clarification in German – or any number of other languages – can usually be found near at hand in the person of the singer sitting next to you or even the director.

If you are new and would like to participate in as well as listen to a rehearsal, please do not be shy about asking for an extra copy of the music. If one is not available please introduce yourself and ask a choir member to share their copy for the evening.

If rehearsal has already begun and you would like to participate, please wait until the break to introduce yourself to a choir member.  He or she will gladly orient you and help you participate.

As we approach performance dates we may schedule extra rehearsals on weekends. These are usually accompanied with pot-luck lunches – to help soften the blow of a lost Saturday.

Last but not least:  every year the choir organizes a weekend retreat – usually in February – for more intense rehearsals and opportunities to interact socially.  Notices about the timing and place of these retreats will be shared with the membership internally well in advance.

You’d like to become a member? You’re very welcome! You can download the membership application form on this page.