Trinity International Concert Choir


Welcome to Trinity International Concert Choir! Trinity International Concert Choir, e.V. (TICC) represents the multi-cultural community within the Rhein-Main area. The choir is hosted by Trinity Lutheran Church of Frankfurt, an ecumenical, English-speaking congregation serving the greater Frankfurt area. The choir is not only international, it is also extremely inter-cultural. It has a current membership of about fifty singers, representing 12 different nationalities.


The goal of this choir is to actively promote intercultural understanding between German and international residents within the Rhein-Main area

  • by intensifying the musical contacts amongst the international churches and inter-cultural communities within the Frankfurt area
  • by bringing many interested singers of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds together under the umbrella of sacred choral music. Through working together within the common bonds of choral music, the participants will get to know people from all over the world, grow in their understanding of music and learn to support one another.

What separates TICC from other large, concert choirs in Frankfurt?

Its high musical standard would suggest that TICC has a very formal rehearsal atmosphere, strict attendance policy and elite audition process. In fact, members join TICC because they find in this choir the ultimate amalgamation of a high musical standard and a fun and friendly environment. Because we want a choir available also for those who travel or work internationally on a regular basis and cannot always be present in rehearsal, we have a very flexible attendance policy. This is a very important condition for TICC, to allow for a high proportion of international members. TICC does not discriminate based on one’s musical or cultural background—it is open to experienced and inexperienced singers alike. Experienced singers have the opportunity to mentor and exemplify good choral singing and concert etiquette. Inexperienced singers have the chance to strengthen their musicianship skills by practicing sight-singing and learning about vocal technique and what it means to be part of an ensemble.

The credo of TICC implies that nobody is more important than anyone else and every choir member is known by his or her name; everyone contributes something valuable to the choir, regardless of age, nationality, cultural background or musical experience. It is this distinctive approach to choral singing that makes the rehearsal atmosphere and performance experience in TICC both challenging and rewarding. At TICC we have a guiding principle: “Make the most of what you have been given.” Bring whatever talents you possess to TICC—musical or otherwise—and make the most of them in the choir!